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Think Pieces 2014

Towards the future CSU graduate

In 2014 the theme focuses attention on the development of the future CSU graduate using the CSU graduate learning outcomes (GLOs) as a strategic and organising framework. The CSU GLOs are academic literacy, learning and numeracy; digital literacies; ethics; global citizenship; indigenous cultural competency; professional practice; and sustainability.

The Think Pieces 2014 Project provides an opportunity for an ongoing, open dialogue about how some of the CSU community are thinking about the challenges and opportunities. CSU targets and our progress towards these targets are also explored.

Each think piece will be no more than 5-6 minutes.

Yammer, What's New and the Interact site "About ICT Integration" will be used to promote Think Pieces 2014. Yammer will be used to encourage dialogue.

The host of this project is Assoc. Prof. Philip Uys, Director, Learning Technologies in the Division of Learning and Teaching.

Due datePresenterFocus
May 15th Philip Uys Introduction to Think Pieces 2014
May 31st Narelle PattonSmart learning and practice-based education in shaping professional practice capabilities
Jun 30th Tim Klapdor The Network and Me
Jul 15th Garry Marchant The ideal CSU graduate
Jul 15th James Brann Gen Z, Snap Chat and other things that will scare you in the night
Jul 31st Jonathon Howard Badges for recognising learning
Aug 15th Marian Tulloch Indigenous Cultural Competence: A journey for staff and students
Aug 31st Franziska TredeWPL pedagogy and professional practice GLOs
Oct 15th Joy Higgs Students' pursuit of GLOs
Oct 31st Andrew Vann Response to pieces and thoughts for the future