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Think Pieces 2015

Blended and online learning in the CSU context

In 2015 the theme focuses on blended and online learning in the CSU context. Blended learning can be understood in many ways. We're taking a broad view in this Project to stimulate conversation about blending the best bits of learning and teaching together for the success of our students. How does CSU understand and implement blended learning? How does distance and online blend? How does distance and face-to-face blend? How does face-to-face and online blend? How does workplace learning and classroom learning blend? How does free and open resources blend with own and commercial content? And so on...

The Think Pieces 2015 Project provides an opportunity for an ongoing, open dialogue about how some of the CSU community are thinking about these challenges and opportunities. CSU targets and our progress towards these targets can also be explored!

Assoc Prof Philip Uys, Director - Learning Technologies and
Assoc Prof Elizabeth Thomson, Director - Learning Design in the Division of Student Learning

Due DatePresenterFocus
April 15th Philip Uys and Elizabeth Thomson Introduction to Think Pieces 2015
April 30th Garry Marchant Blended and Online Learning in the CSU context
May 15th Joy Higgs Re-thinking Blended Learning
Jun 15th Andrea Crampton & Katherine Herbert Many voices many meanings but what does it really mean
Jun 30th Narelle Patton Blending PBE and Online Learning
Jul 15th Don Olcott, Jr Leadership Unplugged:  Who needs leadership when we have innovative toys!
Jul 31st James Brann Anywhere, anytime but only when we say so: The case for banning due dates.
Aug 15th Julia Coyle Posing questions that encompass our students' context is important in our reframe of online delivery
Aug 31st Judy O'Connell Participatory culture of learning: Are we there yet?
Sep 15th Tim Klapdor Digital Mediation – Living, Learning & Interaction
Sep 30th Franziska Trede Enhancing workplace learning through mobile technology
Oct 15th Barney Dalgarno Will our online learning change agenda support blended learning in on campus subjects?
Oct 15th Jacquie Tinkler Online teaching - what do I see?
Oct 31st Andy Vann Response to think pieces and thoughts for the future