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Think Pieces 2016

Leadership for Innovation in Learning and Teaching


This year’s Think Pieces program will focus on the role of leadership for leading innovation in learning and teaching.  What role does leadership play in facilitating innovation adoption and practice?  As CSU progresses multiple innovation and change initiatives during 2016 how does leadership contribute to building communities for innovation across CSU and amongst its diverse internal and external constituencies.

The Think Pieces 2016 Project provides an opportunity for an ongoing, open dialogue about how some of the CSU community are thinking about these challenges and opportunities.


Assoc Prof Philip Uys
Learning Technologies
Division of Student Learning

Dr. Don Olcott, Jr., FRSA, Head of Campus - Virtual
Professor of Educational Leadership & ODL
Co-Director, uImagine
Division of Student Learning

Due DatePresenterFocus
April 30th Philip Uys and Don Olcott Introduction to Think Pieces 2016
May 15th Tim Klapdor Leadership Outside the Hierarchy
May 31st Louise Hard and Carole Hunter Humanising Learning for All: Leadership Considerations for Large Scale Online Design Initiatives
Jun 15th Troy Whitford Leading Curriculum Change
Jun 15th Shafiqul Alam Leadership for Institutional Development through the Endeavour Executive Fellowship
Jun 30th Ilena Young Leading or Facilitating?: Building and Managing Effective and Sustainable Community Partnerships
Jun 30th Matthew Anstey The Cultivation of Creativity in Leadership
Jul 31st Julie Lindsay Leading for pedagogical change in an online learning environment
Jul 31st Franziska Trede Leadership in bridging learning and practice spaces

Think Pieces 2016 Video conference Forum 1 (early August)

Aug 15th Narelle Patton Leadership from within: Empowering innovation amongst CSU teaching staff
Aug 31st Liam Downing Leadership that uses evaluation to improve learning and teaching practice
Sep 15th Yann GuisardLeadership that empowers innovation: Feedback on assessments. Something for teachers, something for learners
Sep 30th Joy Higgs Leadership in innovations in learning for employability
Sep 30th Sabine Agustine & Ruth Bailey Leadership that innovatively bridges learning and practice space
Oct 15th Elizabeth Thomson   
Leadership for Innovation in Course Design
Oct 31st Andy Vann Response to think pieces and thoughts for the future

Think Pieces 2016 Videoconference Forum 2 - (mid to late November)