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mLearn: Applications

Use Cases

Mobile learning has the potential to support the Flexible and Blended Standards as well as the Professional Educational Standards. The use case technique is used to capture a system's behavioural requirements by detailing scenario-driven threads through the functional requirements of devices.

Mobile Learning Applications

For the purpose of this investigation the following section will highlight possible Mobile Learning applications. Application in this sense refers to intent of use. These mobile learning applications will allow the mobile learning initiative to establish scope for any possible future projects.

Learning Resources

Students can access a variety of learning resources including:

  • learning packages - existing materials supplied to students by LTS
  • eResources - including journals, library resources
  • eBooks - media rich digital editions of text books and LTS produced materials
  • pod/vodcasts - access to download direct to a mobile device

Learning Skills Toolkit

To support learning - tutorials, how-to guides, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, referencing etc all standardised for use at CSU.

Self Assessment Tools

Students can do formative testing through a downloaded tool/file or via online access. Feedback is provided instantaneously.

Classroom Interaction and Feedback

Through "clicker" functions, quizzes and polls. These can be used in all classroom situations - virtual, remote (IVT) and physical. Feature rich feedback applications could also be deployed by subject coordinators, trainers, divisions, service providers, to simplify gathering and managing feedback. This could also include tools that simplify feedback - "like" and "comment" buttons - that can be added to a variety of sources.
(CSWE will do generic feedback by students on general CSU services which is dependent on their programs scope.)

OLE Access

Access to existing OLE tools via a mobile device:

  • Interact - a student being able to access their various subject sites and access the information and tools available. SMS alerts e.g. students are informed of tutorial or class time changes
  • Pebble Pad- a current student contributing items to their Pebble Pad portfolio. There is already an existing application that can be utilised for
  • EASTS - students can submit assessments.
  • DOMS - an academic staff member searching for L&T content.
  • MSI - students can access their assessment tasks and associated dates.

Messaging System

A Messaging System to facilitate communication and collaboration for:

  • organic groups outside of official communications for staff, schools, subjects, courses, residential groups, social clubs, peer-to-peer - something like an expanded Yammer
  • communications within Interact e.g. CHAT, Forums, email archive, announcements.

Mobile Capture

Facilitate the ability to use a mobile device to capture and record information:

  • For students on prac or for assessment such as voice notes, pictures, video and self reflection.
  • For staff to use in a teaching context such as recording lectures, field trips, lab experiments.

Mobile Publishing

The ability to support the mobile device as a collection and recording tool for text, images, photos, voice - to publish to a variety of systems within the OLE such as ePortfolio and Interact tools as well as other supported web tools like Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube.

Web Application Client

The ability to integrate and interact with existing web tools like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr within the OLE so that the affordances of this technology can be leveraged to the benefit of staff and students.
(note that all students could not be expected to have access to these applications)

Learning Support Tools

A unified mobile platform for delivering professional development, training and support regarding learning to both staff and students.

Mobile Device Library
The ability to lend students with pre-loaded mobile devices. This could include texts, applications, learning skills resources. The Library could extend and expand to providing students ownership of the devices through payment or supported through funding to be rolled out to groups of students, schools & divisions.

Mobile Learning Facilitation Tools

The following describes a set of generic tools that are possible candidates for inclusions with the scope of the Current Student Web Experience project. The actual scope of the CSWE project will depend on input from the Current Student Reference Committee, the outputs from user experience research and consideration of time and funding constraints.  The capabilities are noted here as they are considered by the Mobile Learning Investigation group as being important to creating an authentic mobile learning environment and improving the students learning experience.

Automated Notification System

A system that relays information related to study - assessment dates, class changes, assessment marks, final grades - could use SMS or email.

Calendar System

A calendar system that facilitates:

  • Personal timetable for class information which can include links locations and maps
  • Organic calendar systems that users can create and subscribe to - academics, campuses, support services, divisional, social, clubs

Location Aware Applications

That can provide information to student using location markers on special developed CSU campus maps (useful for O-Week and Res-schools)

A CSU Profile

A single profile for use within all CSU systems - Comms Directory, Interact, Subject Outlines

CSU News Feed

A unified platform for delivering information about CSU, faculty/school, students and business operations in the form of content feeds that can be subscribed to that engage all the diverse groups in the CSU community. Think of an online broadsheet newspaper where you can choose which sections you receive - the ones that relate to you. This brings together CSU 'publications' together to form a more aggregated, interactive and engaging experience.

Support Tools

A unified platform for delivering training and support to both staff and students