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mLearn: Future Proposals

Mobile Application

Identify functionalities for the learning and teaching dimension of the CSU mobile app to be developed by the Student Web Experience group as it relates to generic capabilities of this app; alternatively develop unique aspects/app in 2011

Rich Media Delivery

Work with the Vodcast/Podcast project to ensure that the delivery aspect include delivery onto mobile devices


Using the PODs, general communication, CSUED, specific online forums):

  • the use of the Interact podcasting tool (as follow up to BURF project promotion)
  • the ePortfolio (PebblePad) mobile app

Mobile Capture

Develop the ability to use a mobile device to capture and record information

  • For students on prac or for assessment such as voice notes, pictures, video and self reflection.
  • For staff to use in a teaching context such as recording lectures, field trips, lab experiments

Mobile Publishing

That supports the mobile device as a collection and recording tool for text, images, photos, voice - to publish to a variety of systems within the OLE such as ePortfolio and Interact tools as well as other supported web tools like Flikr, Vimeo and YouTube.

Sakai Mobile

Contribute to the design of mobile learning in Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE).

Proposed Actions Requiring Additional Resources


A student being able to access their various subject sites and access the information and tools available. Appropriate the work done at UCT and Oxford. (This could ideally link to CSWE app/mobile online environment).
Training (train the trainer model) in the use of mobile learning
A study of the learning effectiveness of mobile devices, that will include using the Use Cases (above) to develop pilot programs for 201130 and 201160 sessions with divisions, academics and subject coordinators through Expressions of Interest and consultation.

Trial of devices

Develop a list of best-of-breed examples of the types of mobile devices best suited to a range of uses within CSU e.g. Classroom Interaction and Feedback - "clickers"
Propose class-size purchasing of those chosen devices to be used in a range of pilot programmes in 2011. Cost out initial implementation and ongoing costs for a 1 year period.
Develop process for device management and integration with CSU infrastructure and systems.
Explore ongoing development and implementation programs with the intention of extending rollout beyond pilot programs. Explore possible relationships with device, network, communications and content vendors.

Sakai Mobile

Contribute to the design of mobile learning in Sakai OAE including

  • communications within Interact e.g. CHAT, Forums, email archive, announcements
  • MSI - students can access their assessment tasks and associated dates.

Learning packages

Existing materials supplied to students by LTS

Learning Skills Toolkit

To support learning - tutorials, how-to guides, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, referencing etc all standardised for use at CSU.

Self Assessment Tools

Student can do formative testing through a downloaded tool/file or via online access. Feedback is provided instantaneous. Test Centre


Students can submit assessments.


An academic staff member searching for L&T content

Web Application Client

The ability to integrate and interact with existing web tools like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr within the OLE so that the affordances of this technology can be leveraged to the benefit of staff and students.

Learning Support Tools

A unified platform for delivering professional development, training and support regarding learning to both staff and students

Mobile Device Library

The ability to lend students with pre-loaded mobile devices, this could include texts, applications, learning skills resources. The Library could extend and expand to providing students ownership of the devices through payment or supported through funding to be rolled out to groups of students, schools & divisions.

iTunes U

Implement within the project scope

Mobile Subject Evaluation

Future Proposals

  • Roll-out of devices and mobile learning use
  • Provide mechanisms for CSU students to acquire appropriate devices as per the pilot 
  • Roll out mobile learning as per the pilot