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mLearn: Personas

The following are attempts to link the mobile devices to real time contextual use cases to further analyse their potential of learning. The personas regard mobile learning in general and are not an overall relation to current CSU services.

kevin Learning Resources - Learning Packages
Kevin (20) is a student stuck in public transport in a regional location. While waiting to get home he uses his mobile device to download information regarding his subject, including  the subject study guide. He is then able to make use of this time to read through the content.
Michael Learning Resources - eResources
Michael (23) is a final year Vet student. His study is based in Wagga but he is going to do his 3rd clinical rotation in a dairy practice in Warrnambool, Vic. Cattle are not his strong point, so he uses his iPad to download some readings and journals about common procedures that he can review in the field or on the drive to the farm.
martha Learning Resources - eBooks
Martha (28) is studying by distance. Whilst on the train she is able to browse books and resources in an online store on her iPad. Before she reaches her destination she has read a few samples and chosen to purchase an eBook of her prescribed text so she can avoid lugging the large volume print copy to and from work.
rachel Learning Resources - Pod/Vodcasts
Rachel (43) has two children and is enrolled in CSU through distance education. She uses mobile technology mostly to complete her readings while on the move. She would like to be able to access podcasts of her lectures while in the car, while she is preparing dinner and while travelling to work.
said Learning Skills Toolkit
Said (22) is an international student studying Bachelor of Business on Wagga Campus. He often finds he needs to translate and get the definitions of words used in his lectures. He also struggles with APA referencing having used the Harvard format previously. By accessing his Toolkit from his smart phone he is able to find words and meanings during the lecture and follow the lecture better. He is also able to convert his references from Harvard to APA for his assessments.
james Self Assessment Tools
James (29) is studying a health science degree. James is about to undertake a multiple choice test on the train as part of his subject revision. To access this, James uses his tablet and an environment specifically designed for mobile use.  Once complete, James will get instantaneous feedback from the test and see where he may need to focus his studies for the exam.
tiffany Classroom Interaction
Tiffany (18) is an school leaver and full time first year student living on-campus in Bathurst student accommodation. She is studying a Bachelor of Communication. During a class, Tiffany is is asked to respond to a poll on which TV channel offers the most trusted news. She is able to answer using her smart phone while others in the class use their laptops and tablet computers. The next slide shows the results of the poll which leads into a conversation over why one news sources is perceived to be more trustworthy than another. Tiffany feels engaged with the class which is animated and lively.
leanne Classroom Feedback
Leanne (31) - first year academic teaching Accounting. It's her first full time teaching position and she is nervous about her performance and she will be in charge of reviewing and updating the subject next session. Leanne wants to ensure that she is engaging with the students, that they are finding the subject information useful and the assessments beneficial so she has deployed a range of feedback tools to her subject materials. Students can "like" sections of the online modules as well as make comments, which are recorded anonymously. Students have already commented on a number of areas that are difficult to understand and she now knows that they need further development. Students are able to update their comments simultaneously, using a their smart phone.
andre OLE Access - Interact
Andre (42) is a 4th year education student on practicum in a small country town teaching year 2 children. He uses an iPad to access his Interact modules and communicate with other students in the class using the chat tool.
george OLE Access - Interact Forums
George (22) is on practicum for his nursing subject. He uses his mobile device to to access the online forums to see how his peers are going and to share his experiences. During his rounds he has had to deal with a particularly difficult patient and during his break post how he and his supervisor dealt with the situation. This stimulates a long thread of other students sharing stories and techniques that they have picked up. Other students are able to read these and feel more prepared if they are placed in similar circumstances. This supports authentic learning (meaningful learning tasks are related to immediate learning goals).

OLE Access - ePortfolio (Pebble Pad)
Liz (24) is a final year student in B. Information Studies (DE only), currently studying Social Networking in Info Studies subject. Liz does website work in her spare time. She is able to update her ePortfolio using her smart phone while on campus grounds to keep a record of any meetings that she will have in regards to work or study. She uses the Pebble Pad application on her smart phone to full effect.

OLE Access - EASTS
Sam (28) is a trainee parks manager completing a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences. Sam is struggling to connect to anything because of his location (very remote). Sam struggles with a poor internet connection on his homestead but is able to get mobile reception in some locations with higher elevation. Sam is able to take his tablet computer and submit his assessments using his mobile connection saving a long trek into town. Mobile learning thus addresses geographical or spatial distance.

OLE Access - DOMS
Susan (35) is a casual lecturer and her first time lecturing at CSU teaching two Early Childhood subjects in Education. Susan is able to use her tablet to search for resources that other staff have created that are stored in the DOMS. She has found a couple of great resources and is able to quickly add them to her Interact sites. Susan is able to quickly share the resource with her other work colleagues by sending them links.

 OLE Access – MSI
Patrick (37) is a post grad MBA student part time that works in the city with a 45min commute each way. During his commute he remembers that one of his assessments is due next week but can't remember the exact date. Using his smart phone he logs into Interact, checks his subject outline and then marks it into his calendar with a reminder for the weekend.

Messaging System - Organic
Matt (19) is from Sydney and is new student recruit in School of Policing, Goulburn.  He's into music, videos, online gaming and footy and quite a sociable person. Matt is able to contact and make new friends with his peers from a number of different subjects through a group that was setup for first year students. They are able to keep in touch about their study as well as share information about the area - where to go and what to do using his mobile phone. He's also joined a couple of other groups since and even set one up to get together for one of the difficult law subjects so they can plan to meet and test each other before the exam.

Messaging System  - Interact
Pete (41) is an academic teaching a distance education cohort in Papa New Guinea, with only two residential schools per session per year. His students in the region have intermittent Internet access at best and the mobile networks are far more robust. Pete sends notifications to students (using SMS) regarding the availability of new Internet resources as they are posted so students know when they need to get online.

Mobile Capture - Student
Mick (44) is a mature age student, family man and farming outside Broken Hill. He is in his second year of study doing an agricultural diploma by DE. Out in the field, where there is no network connection, Mick is still able to use his phone to take photos of examples from his study guide. When he is back at the homestead he is able to upload them to the forums for discussion with his peers. This supports contingent learning (reacting to the environment and changing experiences), situated learning (learning takes place in the surroundings that make learning meaningful).

 Mobile Capture - Staff
David (57) is a Associate Head of School. During a conference he sees a really interesting presentation from an Stanford academic. There are some really interesting points that he thinks some of his post grad students may be interested in. During the lunch break he manages to find the presenter and asks if he could do an interview for his students to which the presenter agrees. They meet up later and David uses his mobile phone to record the interview. When he arrives home David then distributes the interview to his students.

Mobile Publishing
Hannah (25) is a second year Graphic Design student on campus in Wagga. She is doing a group assignment which is due after the Easter break when most people seem to be heading home. Before the group heads off they decided that while they are all away to collect cool signage examples they see. Using her smart phone Hannah is able to take photos of things when she sees them and upload them straight to a Flickr album the group are sharing. Others can view the album and make comments immediately and vice-versa. The group is able to choose their favourites and decide what direction they will be going with before the break is over. This supports  context aware learning (learning is informed by the surroundings and environment of the learner).  

Web Application Client
Liz (24) is a final year student in Bachelor of Information Studies currently studying a Social Networking subject. The class is immersed and engaged with variety of Web 2.0 tools. Using a web application client, the class is able to aggregate and share content on their Galaxy Tablet from a variety of sites and applications in one central location. For Liz this is a great time saver. She can also use tools she is already using and familiar with. This supports personalised learning (learning is customised for the preferences, history and abilities of individual learners or groups of learners).  

Learning Support Tools
Robyn (51) is a mature age student returning to study after 25 years in the workforce. She is struggling with Interact and with the DE materials that are so different from when she got her degree. Fortunately she is able to access a range of resources and tools to help her, including interactive tutorials so she is able to see how things work. She has to contribute to a Wiki in one of her subjects and after watching a video showing how wiki formatting is done she feels more confident. She has downloaded a cheat sheet to her mobile that lists all the codes so she can refer to it quickly whenever and wherever she needs to.

Mobile Device Library
Grace (19) is a first year undergraduate student and has just borrowed a Kindle from the library. The Kindle is preloaded with the textbook she needs, as well as guides to Academic writing, referencing, successful database searching, evaluating information and a campus map to help her find her way around the campus. Grace has the Kindle for a two week loan period and can take it with her on practicum if she needs to.

Mobile Subject Evaluation
Archna (23) is a third year communications student. She is sitting in a café when a notification comes through that it is time to review her subject. Using her mobile device Archna is able to expedite a very concise subject evaluation of her Com 340 subject. The review takes Archna seven minutes and is then able to go back to her conversation.