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WPL for Industry Partners

Industry partners are important in enabling students to gain real world work experiences. Having shared understanding of the roles and responsibilities of WPL is an important starting point for constructive and mutually beneficial university-industry partnerships.

Free online subject Workplace Learning: Theory and Practice

The online subject Workplace Learning: Theory and Practice (EEL 516) at Charles Sturt University is offered to academics and to practitioners who supervise CSU students in their workplace as part of a CSU University degree.  This flyer provides details about enrolling in this subject.

Online Self-Paced Module: Get Engaged

Get engaged is an online resource for practitioners who supervise university students in their workplace as part of a university degree. Its purpose is to help them make the most of their effort in student supervision through building really good engagement strategies with universities and students but also with colleagues in their workplace.

Online Modules for WPL Personnel

CSU has developed an online course for WPL educators (academics, practitioners who supervise students in their workplace, university liaison staff who monitor students on workplace placements, mentors, etc.) with information and insights into the many aspects of WPL. These modules have information about all aspects of WPL and are useful for all CSU academic and professional staff.

·         Introduction & Module Overview

·         Module 1. Foundations of WPL at CSU

·         Module 2. Roles & responsibilities in WPL

·         Module 3. Education in WPL

·         Module 4. Phases in WPL

·         Module 5. Achieving Key Goals of Workplace Learning

·         Module 6. Assessment in Workplace Learning

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