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Charles Sturt University

Module 1: Foundations of WPL at CSU


This first module provides an overview of WPL within the context of the Charles Sturt University. Understanding the terminology, P&PBE Standards, partnerships and benefits, as well as occupational, health and safety issues can enable a more equitable and safe learning environment. Increasing awareness of these expectations and parameters assists in creating a workplace learning environment based upon common understandings, intentions, accountability and transparency.

At the end of each section, questions will prompt you to reflect upon this information and its relevance to your own context. A quiz is provided at the end of the module to consolidate your learning.

Watch the Introduction video

You will use a reflective diary throughout the modules, before you begin please download from this link.

  1. Definitions
  2. P&PBE Standards
  3. Partnership & Benefits
  4. Risk
  5. Quiz