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Module 2: Roles & responsibilities in WPL


This module illustrates the various roles and responsibilities concerning the student, university educator and WPL supervisor. Awareness of these different practices can enhance both communication and interaction among all WPL stakeholders – students, university staff and WPL supervisors.

Having explored the roles and responsibilities of WPL stakeholders individually, it is also important to understand their interrelationship within the ecology of WPL. Exploring how students, university staff and WPL supervisors can enhance their communication with one another has strong implications for associated interactions in the workplace, as well as learner engagement.

We hope this module will clarify questions you might have had about the various roles and responsibilities of WPL supervisors, students and university staff. Good luck with the quiz and please join us for the following module which explores 'Education in Workplace Learning'.

Watch the Introduction video.

You will use a reflective diary throughout the modules, before you begin please download from this link.

  1. Student Roles and Responsibilities
  2. University staff
  3. WPL Supervisor
  4. Communication between WPL Stakeholders
  5. Quiz