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Module 3: Education in WPL

This module outlines some of the key theories that underpin teaching and learning. This is a huge field with an enormous body of literature, too vast to properly summarise in this format. Instead we intend to give an introduction to a selection of learning theories that we think have some traction within WPL and provide a scaffold for you to reflect on how these might assist you in the way that you prepare for and conduct WPL in your own setting.

We hope this module will provide you with a useful introduction to some of the learning theories and inspire you to read widely and think further about the application of learning theory to your own practice as a teacher and as a learner. Good luck with the quiz and please join us for the following module which explores 'Phases in Workplace Learning'.

You will use a reflective diary throughout the modules, before you begin please download from this link and watch the interview video with Stephen Loftus providing an introduction to thinking about learning theories.

  1. Learning Theories
  2. Teaching
  3. Learning
  4. Assessment
  5. Quiz

Please be aware that some of the resources used in this module are linked to external organisations and we do not have control or ownership of their content. Whilst we do our best to monitor these links, their ongoing availability is not within our control. 

There are two kinds of activities used in this module to promote your learning. Learning activities are denoted by this image:


Reflective activities are denoted by this image refer to the separate reflective diary file.