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Module 5: Achieving Key Goals of Workplace Learning

This module is constructed around a model we have developed for contextualising six key learning goals for workplace learning. In this module we acknowledge the critical contribution of both workplace learning educators and students in the pursuit of learning goals during WPL experiences.

The six key learning goals are:

  • Enabling student engagement
  • Fostering student participation in practice communities
  • Fostering citizenship
  • Developing practice identity
  • Developing practice knowledge and capabilities
  • Developing professionalism

This model, "Key goals of WPL", identifies educator goals on the left (blue) side and student goals on the right (orange) side. Upon completion of this module, WPL Educators may better appreciate the scope and complexity of placement supervision and facilitation of student learning.

As you move through the module you will be provided with reflective prompts to deepen your engagement with the material presented. You may like to use a reflective diary to record your thoughts, reactions and plans for future placements. If so a reflective diary can be downloaded from the Reflective Diary link at the bottom of this page.

  1. IntroductionReflective
  2. Illuminating Key Goals
  3. Achieving key goals for WPL Educators
  4. Achieving key goals for students
  5. Integrating Key Goals and Summary
  6. References 
  7. Quiz

We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete a short evaluation of this module to enable ongoing enhancement for future participants.