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Module 6: Student assessment in WPL

ModelThis module explores student assessment in workplace learning. In this module we present assessment as an ongoing, iterative process that occurs before, during and after student placements. This continuous process is best served by sufficient planning and preparation before placement, thoughtful engagement with a range of assessment activities during placement and reflective critique following placement.

This module is constructed around a model designed to illuminate the cyclical nature of workplace learning assessment. This model "Student assessment in WPL" identifies nine primary tasks associated with the three phases of WPL with

Dark Red representing Before

Green representing During and

Purple representing After

Understanding the key aspects of each of these phases can enhance workplace learning assessment experiences for both educators and students.

As you move through the module you will be provided with reflective prompts to deepen your engagement with the material presented. You may like to use a reflective diary to record your thoughts, reactions and plans for future placements. If so a reflective diary can be downloaded from the Reflective Diary link below.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing for assessmentReflective
  3. Establishing criteria and processes
  4. Improving rigour, relevance, and transparency
  5. Facilitating learning through assessment
  6. Sharing responsibility for assessment 
  7. Managing strong emotions 
  8. Enhancing feedback effectiveness
  9. Assisting students to act on feedback Evaluation
  10. Planning and critical reflection 
  11. References
  12. Quiz

We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete a short evaluation of this module to enable ongoing enhancement for future participants.