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Student Central is the first point of contact for queries you may have, including those relating to Interact2. Some basic information is included below.

Interact2 is Charles Sturt University online learning environment. Course and subject information are available on Interact2. Interact2 brings together tools to help you stay connected to other students, submit your assessments and check your results. Interact2 includes the system we use to provide subject/course material called Blackboard. Blackboard also provide student support videos and documentation.

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Mobile App

Once you have your CSU username and password you can access Interact2 on your computer at, or through the mobile app.

Getting Started with Interact2

When you first log into Interact2, you'll land on the Dashboard. Here, you'll be able to see the subjects you're enrolled in under the My Subject tab.

For more information about Interact2, select from the following:

Browser Support

Interact2 supports four primary browsers (see table below).


Desktop* Browser Versions


1. Chrome**


2. Edge**



3. Firefox**


4. Safari

9+ (MacOS only)Supported

* Mobile app versions of these browsers may not be supported at this time, although users may have success using them.

** Google Chrome versions 42+, Mozilla Firefox versions 52+, and Microsoft Edge do not support NPAPI-type plug-ins, including many media browser plug-ins.

Use the following Blackboard links to check the compatibility of your operating system.

Browser Checker - Find out if your browser and operating system is supported by Blackboard

Supported browsers -  Interact 2 supported browsers

Using Interact2

For more information about navigating Interact 2 and finding your subject site, select from the following:

Blackboard has updated the Content Editor for Interact2. The Content Editor is used across the Interact2 system to post in forums, blogs and wikis.  More information can be found on the Blackboard site Add and Format Content

Conent editor

Site Navigation Menu

The Interact2 subject site menu is located in the left column and provides  a way to navigate through the subject.

The left-hand menu links directly to different sections of your subject site.


Once you click on a section, such as 'topics', breadcrumbs are the best way to navigate back to previous pages (not the back button).
The breadcrumbs allow you to trace the path to and from each item.

Discussion Forum

For information about the topics below visit Discussion Forums.

  • How do I create a new thread / post on a Discussion Board in Interact2?
  • How can I see what discussion/ forum posts I have read in Interact2?
  • How can I receive email alerts for new forum / discussion posts in Interact2?
  • How do I edit / delete a thread on a discussion board in Interact2?

Online Meetings

Currently CSU uses Zoom to provide access to online video and audio conferencing. To learn more about accessing Zoom in your subject site visit Zoom Video Conferencing.


  • Check your connection 24 hr before online meetings to ensure technology works.


Your subject outline sets out all the important information you need for each subject, including what textbooks to buy, what you should be reading each week, and the assessments you'll need to complete. Assessments can be submitted online via EASTS, which is accessed through each subject's site. Your results will also be available in each subject's "My Grades" section.

For more information about assessment, select from the following:

  • Turnitin: Text matching software that checks for potential referencing errors.
  • EASTS: Submit your assignment to the University online.  This link take you to an Interact2 site, Please make sure you are logged in, otherwise you will get an error.
  • Access Grade Centre

CSU Replay

Learn how to use CSU Replay (Panopto) Assignment Folder.

Help and Contacts

Student Central: You can obtain assistance from Student Central, including those queries related to Interact2.

Video Guides: A selection of short videos of common tasks in Blackboard. You can browse the complete set of Blackboard video guides at the Blackboard On-Demand Learning Centre.

Blackboard Official Help: A mixture of user guides and video help for Blackboard students.

CSU Disability Support: Assistance is provided by CSU Disability Support if you have a disability or condition that impacts on your studies.