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Interact2 is packed with tools to help you stay connected to other students in your subjects, join interactive learning activities, submit your assessments and check your results. It's important you know how to use these tools to succeed in your course.

Find your way around

When you first log into Interact2, you'll land on the Dashboard. Here, you'll be able to see the subjects you're enrolled in under the My Courses tab, and click through to access resources for each subject.

You'll also see features like announcements, to-do lists, and search bars for the Library and Knowledgebase. Click "Add Module" in the top left corner to see other features you can add to your Dashboard for easy access next time you log in.

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Stay in the loop

Check the Announcements section for the latest information on your subjects. If your lecturer posts an announcement in your subject area, it will appear here. You can also use tools like the calendar, task list and notifications to get organised and make sure you're up-to-date.

Interact with others

Interact2 includes a range of learning tools designed to help you build connections with teaching staff and other students. You can leave messages, participate in online meetings, watch lectures through CSU Replay or access wikis, discussion boards or the virtual classroom. Each subject you complete may use a different selection of these tools.

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Your subject outline sets out all the important information you need for each subject, including what textbooks to buy, what you should be reading each week, and the assessments you'll need to complete. Assessments can be submitted online via EASTS, which is accessed through each subject's site. Your results will also be available in each subject's "My Grades" section.

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Student Support

Student Central is the first point of contact for queries you have may, including those related to Interact2.