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Subject Site Template

A CSU standard template exists for all subject sites. Every faculty has a separate template, providing a unique banner and a set of icons in the faculty colours.

For more information about the template, select from one of the following:

Key features of the i2 template

The video below demonstrates the key features of the subject site template.

Template Sections

The template provides consistent navigation, including organisation and grouping of tools into four sections on the left hand navigation. It also includes a section called 'Help for Academics':

Help for Academics

A single 'hidden' tab on the left hand navigation is for offering advice to academics setting up their i2 site, including:

  • How to use the template,
  • Link to Interact2 help and support,
  • Advice on making the most of your home page, and meeting CSU's Quality Learning and Teaching (Online) standard, KPI9,
  • How to use icons in your subject, and where to locate Faculty-specific icons,
  • Locating and using images in your i2 site, and
  • Advice on meeting accessibility guidelines.
  • Image of the for academics section from the subject site template.

Section under the subject code

  • Includes by default - Welcome page, Subject Outline and Evaluation.

Subject Community

For all tools including student interaction.

  • Includes by default - Contacts tool, Announcements and Discussions.

Learning Content and Activities

All links related to the learning content and activities.

  • Includes by default: EASTS and My Grades.

Note: Modules/Topics and Resources are not included as template items. These will need to be exported/imported from previous session.

Additional CSU support

  • CSULibrary - There is link, approved by the Division of Library services, to the appropriate student area of the CSULibrary website, as well as to a Library Guide assisting students with setting up their academic workflow using mobile devices.
  • Learning Opportunities - This contains links, approved by the Division of Students, to workshops, support teams and study resources provided by CSU.
  • Useful links - This contains links, again approved by the Division of Students, to the Student Calendar, Student Central, the Student Portal, Important Forms that students need during the course of their study, as well as the Most Accessed Student Policies.

Faculty banners and icons

Faculty banners and coloured icon sets are also included as part of the subject site template. The icons appear in the additional CSU support sections.

If you wish to utilise the icons into your learning content, you can access these from the right hand navigation menu on this page. The link will redirect you to DOMs where you can view all the different icons and then copy the URL of the icon that you wish to use.

The below images show the banners and one of the icons for each faculty.

Moving Content from previous subject site

To move content from a previous subject site into your new subject site, you will need to:

  1. Obtain permission to access both sites that you wish to export from and import into
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions on Exporting and importing content, are available from the Exporting and importing section of the Interact2 Help and Support site.

Please note the following headings DO NOT need to be exported when preparing your export file.

  • Navigation Menu Content Items
    • *For Academics
    • CSU Library
    • Learning Opportunities
    • Useful Links
  • Settings
    • Navigation Settings

    Adding these items, will create duplicate content when you import.

Background and Guiding Principles

In 2015, Julia Coyle from the Division of Students contacted Philip Uys, Division of Learning & Teaching, regarding a request emanating from students for consistency in i2 subject sites.

Following a series of meetings in 2015 and early 2016 with faculty representatives, as well as a period for wider consultation, it was agreed by the Executive Deans and the DVC (Academic) that a standard i2 template was necessary and that this should be based on the former Faculty of Business i2 template, already being used successfully in two of the four faculties.

A DSL implementation working party was set up in May 2016 to finalise the template, and facilitate its implementation. The members are Philip Uys (Lead), Carole Hunter, Lynn Flynn, Jonathan Wykes, and Dawn Calvert.

Principles guiding the development and implementation of the i2 template

  • The i2 template is based on the premise that there is great value to students in ensuring consistency in some aspects of site design, and not in others. As such, the template restricts itself to general navigation structure, naming conventions and the inclusion of non-subject information, all of which can save time for both staff and students if approached in a consistent way. It doesn't attempt to achieve consistency in the learning design or structure; this, by nature, varies according to context, and is best left in the hands of skilled academics and their supporting design team.
  • While all template elements are able to be changed by the academic, it's recommended that variability, innovation and creativity is best directed to the subject's learning content and activities, where this is most valuable.
  • A separate template has been implemented for each faculty, providing a unique banner and a set of icons in faculty colours. These icons have been stored in DOMS so that they can be easily amended and immediately reflected in the i2 sites. You can also access these individually under related websites in the right hand menu.