Learning outcomes and assessment tasks

Review your subject's learning outcomes and assessment tasks and ask yourself:

  1. Do assessment tasks give students an opportunity to show they have met the subject's learning outcomes?
  2. Do the learning outcomes articulate the knowledge, skills and application to be learned in the subject? An easy way to do this is to create a table with a column for the outcome and one each for the skills, knowledge and application.

Example table

This example below demonstrates how the breakdown of the outcome into skills, knowledge and application might look.

Subject Learning OutcomeSkillsKnowledge/Topics Application to practice
be able to design and review assessment tasks that align with subject and course learning outcomes, enhance student learning and promote academic integrity analyse, design, research, develop arguments know about: taxonomies, design process, valid research in learning design, application to own professional practice
be able to justify their practices with reference to scholarly literature and CSU policies. identify valid literature, conduct searches, cite in-text and in bibliography, taxonomies, design processes, valid research in learning designings relate the literature to their own practice
  1. Is each outcome covered in at least one assessment task?

A tip on checking whether all subject learning outcomes have been covered by assessment in the subject is to:

  1. Copy learning outcomes into a Word document
  2. For each task check the rationale for the subject outcomes that have been linked and highlight the learning outcomes in your Word document
  3. Then check the task – can you see that this learning outcome is covered by the task? If so, cross it out in the Word document
  4. Repeat for each task in the subject outline.

Assessment 1Assessment 2Assessment 3Assessment 4
Learning outcome 1XX  
Learning outcome 2X  X
Learning outcome 3   X
Learning outcome 4    

Once you are happy that the assessment tasks reflect the subject's learning outcomes, you can start developing your marking criteria.