Peer Review Portal

The Peer Review Portal (PRP) is a cloud-based review management system available to staff that allows benchmarking of subject sites.

Why use the Peer Review Portal (PRP)

The Peer Review Portal (PRP) is a review management system and online community of practice for quality assurance. The review management system can be linked to other institutional online systems and reporting.

The Peer Review Portal supports the TEQSA’s Higher Education Standards Framework (2021) in meeting national and international standards in external peer review.

We are asked to review subjects from other institutions and, in turn, other institutions review our subjects. The subjects that are to be reviewed are chosen by the faculty in collaboration with DLT.

Benefits for...

  • High-quality subjects that have been externally benchmarked by independent reviewers
  • Independent reviewal of subjects
  • Access to PRP Online Community connects education communities and individuals to share expertise and search for independent reviewers.

Support with...