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By ticking a box below to gain access to Bridgeman Education or Bridgeman Art Library, I signify my agreement that:

  1. I may only use the site in my capacity as a member of academic staff or enrolled student of Charles Sturt University for educational or research use and limited to browsing, copying and reproduction in course work, display and presentation in classroom.
  2. Images cannot be made public in any more general way or to third parties and specifically cannot be placed on the Internet.
  3. Images cannot be loaned, rented, sold or given away to third parties.
  4. Copyright acknowledgment of “© Bridgeman Education – London, New York, Paris” or “© The Bridgeman Art Library – London, New York, Paris” is required for every image used.
  5. The images cannot be altered or manipulated without the prior written consent of Bridgeman Education or The Bridgeman Art library.

Please select either Bridgeman Education or Bridgeman Art Library.

Please accept this agreement.

Training on databases is available to all staff and research students.
Sessions can be organised through our Book a Librarian Web Form.

N.B. Terms and Conditions of Use

These resources are for CSU staff and students only.
Do NOT give your username and password to any other person.

These electronic resources are for non-commercial use in your personal research or study only.  Users do not have permission to systematically download or copy large amounts of these resources, thereby creating their own databases; or to distribute these resources to third parties.  For further information on the terms and conditions by which users can access these electronic resources, refer to the terms and conditions information on the electronic resource itself or contact the Library.