Your Digital Life

Digital skills are an essential part of your life as a student and beyond. For this reason, one of CSUs graduate learning outcomes focuses on digital literacy.

Your Digital Life is a set of three self paced learning modules that explore the concepts of digital citizenship and digital communication.

  • Participate Online: Act with professionalism and cultural awareness.
  • Protect Yourself Online: Stay safe and be mindful of the implications of your actions.
  • Promote Yourself Online: Stand out from the crowd by promoting yourself effectively.

Launch Your Digital Life

Your Digital Life addresses the following Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the professional, social and cultural implications of the use of technology and the need to be respectful of others in the digital environment.
  2. Understand the use of digital tools to preserve privacy and security online when participating in online communities.
  3. Understand the advantages of cultivating and maintaining a proactive and professional online presence or ‘digital footprint’.

Further resources:

Mobile Devices for Study & Research Tips for saving, managing and annotating readings on your mobile device.

eBooks Library Resource Guide How to find and download eBooks, loan, user access, print, copy and download entitlements and FAQs.

CSU EndNote Library Resource Guide Software to help organise and manage references.

Using Images at University How to find and use images legally and ethically. These self paced tutorials can assist students to build their digital literacy capabilities in a range of areas: Digital Citizenship Proficiency with Technology Effectiveness in communicating online

The Library holds Learn to Connect Online Library Workshops at the beginning of each session.