eReserve & reserve

What is eReserve?

eReserve produces copyright compliant subject readings for academic staff to support learning and teaching.

New eReserve readings can be requested by using the eReserve form.

Copyright restrictions

Copyright laws restrict the amount of material that can be placed online.

The eReserve collection is taken offline for a 24 hour period at the end of each year to comply with copyright requirements and automatically reinstated.

Maintain existing readings

Subject Coordinators should periodically review existing eReserve readings for:

  • Relevance, currency and number of readings
  • Alternative online resources e.g. eBooks (confirm licence limits) or online journal articles
  • Opportunities to encourage independent research

If you would like assistance with updating online resources for students please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian.

Email the eReserve team for more information or with details of readings that are no longer required.

What is Reserve?

Reserve includes high-demand items (books, DVDs and other audiovisual materials) for short term use (2 hours), at campus libraries. 

Submitting Reserve requests

To request items be placed on Reserve at a campus library use the Reserve form.

Items will be removed from Reserve at the end of the session or sessions required.

For assistance please email