Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Division of Marketing and Communication

There are lots of great things to say about Charles Sturt University, and the Division of Marketing and Communication can help you share those things with the world.

Our goal is to raise the profile and reputation of the university, and encourage prospective students in our target markets to choose CSU. We achieve this by being collaborative, creative and responsive, working with all areas of the university and our communities to share stories and grow CSU into the future.

We ensure that CSU is promoted and presented professionally and consistently in both message and design, and can provide services, advice and resources to help all staff achieve a common purpose and voice.

The Division has two key areas with the following responsibility: Strategic Development (market intelligence, strategy, advertising, faculty marketing, online marketing, content development and design, and student communication); and Engagement (prospective student enquiries, student recruitment and events).