Staff surveys

We have made some real changes at Charles Sturt based on your feedback from previous surveys: The Staff Hub, Change Management Training, Our Reward and Recognition Framework (RED), Leadership Training and the Internal Communications team to name a few.

One of the University’s key focus areas for the 2030 Strategy is Our People, which is about ensuring our employees are capable, inspired and empowered to deliver excellence.

We have introduced a new Staff Engagement Survey framework as part of our commitment to improving employee engagement and two-way communication. The Staff Engagement Survey framework will give our people the opportunity to express their views and provide feedback about working at Charles Sturt to help shape our future. It also gives us the opportunity to identify and celebrate areas in which we are doing well.

The Staff Engagement Survey framework will consist of:

  • One annual full engagement ‘Your voice’ staff survey to be held each July.
  • One annual shorter Staff pulse survey to be held each February.

The shorter Staff Pulse Survey will provide an opportunity to review actions based on staff feedback from the full engagement Staff Survey. The Pulse and Your Voice Surveys are one of the measures used to track efficacy within the ‘Our People’ strategic focus area.

Staff pulse survey

See the results from this shorter format survey that provides an opportunity to "check in" and understand the top level experience of staff.

Your voice survey

The Your Voice survey is run annually and is a longer full engagement survey. The survey is a deep dive into your experience working at Charles Sturt.