Succession planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing employees with the potential to fill key positions in the University.

Key positions include senior leadership roles (VCLT) as well as those assessed as a potential risk to operational continuity or achievement of strategic objectives.

Developing a talent pipeline for key positions will help us:

  • keep high potential employees at the University
  • increase the depth of important skills and capabilities
  • control organisational risk.

Charles Sturt leaders are primarily responsible for identifying talent pipelines for key positions. Line managers and supervisors support the process by providing employees with development opportunities and maintaining a high level of engagement.


The elements of succession planning include:

  • reviewing existing talent, assessing current performance and future potential
  • assessing the risk to identify key positions
  • developing a succession plan, matching high potential employees to key roles
  • reviewing the succession plan bi-annually, making adjustments where required
  • connecting the development of high potential employees to Employee Development and Review (EDRS).

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