Delegations approval levels

These delegations constitute a legal authority conferring on the delegate specified in the Schedules to the Delegations and Authorisations Policy.

A power or authority delegated to a position extends to the substantive occupant of that position and any person acting in the officer’s position on a temporary basis, during the term in which the person is authorised to act, unless otherwise specified in the appointment to act.

Approval levelClassificationDescription
Band 1HEW 3 – 4Professional/general staff members at position grade HEW 3 – 4
Band 2HEW 5 – 6Professional/general staff members at position grade HEW 5 – 6
Band 3HEW 7 – 8Professional/general staff members at position grade HEW 7 – 8
Band 4HEW 9 – 10Professional/general staff members at position grade HEW 9 – 10
Band 5Deputy Director/ManagerThe relevant Executive Director (or equivalent) will identify the Band 5 positions in their area.

This is a person who oversees/organises the work of a unit, section or department and is not covered by the Executive Remuneration Scheme. They would normally have the title of Deputy Director or Manager.
Band 6Secondary Budget
Centre Manager


  • Directors
  • Heads of School
  • Associate Heads of School
Band 7Primary Budget
Centre Manager


  • Pro-Vice-Chancellors
  • Executive Deans
  • Deputy Deans
  • Executive Directors
  • Heads of Campus
  • Research Centre Directors
  • University Secretary and Director, Governance and Corporate Affairs
  • Director, Strategic Planning
  • Director, Government and Community Relations
Band 8
Senior Executive (VCLT)


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Executive Director, Human Resources
Band 9Vice-Chancellor 
Band 10Chancellor 
Band 11CouncilIncludes a Council committee, or an officer of the Council, where Council has granted an authority or delegation to act for and on its behalf.

Abbreviations on forms

The below abbreviations appear on the forms where these positions have the authority to approve per the HR Delegations.

  • FAM = Faculty Administration Manager
  • FTM (Science) or FTM (Sci) = Faculty Technical Manager (Faculty of Science)

Further details

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Policy on Delegations and Authorisations, the terms of the Policy will prevail.