Academic promotions

  • Preparing for Promotion
  • Considering an application for Academic Promotion in 2023?

    If you are considering applying for academic promotion in 2023 then it’s time to start your preparation. Getting some of the administrative tasks underway and doing some early thinking means you have more time later to dedicate to crafting your application.

    If you are considering applying for academic promotion in 2023 then gathering your evidence can start now – preparing a portfolio allows you to collect evidence and material well ahead.

    Academic Achievements

    Start documenting your academic achievements, the impact of these achievements and how your work has influenced others. You will need to provide evidence to substantiate your claims. Reflect on the academic activity areas that will frame your case for promotion and consider where your achievements would best fit.

    If you engage in teaching, your academic achievements can include evidence of successful teaching, leadership within your school or context, scholarly activity to improve your teaching, collegial work in designing and developing learning materials or contributions to professional learning in your school, or more widely.

    All of the activity types that are part of the scholarly environment model form evidence for your academic more about the scholarly environment model.

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