Academic promotions

With a focus on academic excellence, we have reviewed our Academic Promotion Policy, Procedure and Guidelines for 2021 to make the process easier for our academic staff and committees to navigate and to support a consistent and equitable approach to promotion decisions.

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Information sessions

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Selecting Evaluators

Applicants for promotion should be considering suitable evaluators of their promotion application in preparation for discussion with their supervisor. Suggested evaluators should be provided to your supervisor on the applicant evaluator form (level B) or applicant evaluator form (level C, D & E).

Request for Teaching Data

For those applicants engaged in the activity of teaching you will require a Subject Experience Survey Report to accompany your application, if you haven't already requested this report please complete the request form and forward to as soon as possible.

What's Different

An overview of changes for 2021

Key dates

Familiarise yourself  with the process and important dates


Learn how you can prepare and apply for promotion.

Selecting Evaluators

Helping you select appropriate Evaluators

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunity in promotions.

Supervisors and mentors

Everything you need to know about supervising and mentoring an applicant for promotion.

Forms, policies and guides

Learn how to help applicants and supervisors through the promotion process.

Academic Staff Qualification Equivalence

The University has a responsibility to ensure that all students receive a quality learning experience across all locations and delivery modes.


Academic Promotion Committee nominations

Discipline Profiles

Understand the role of discipline profiles in academic promotion