Academic promotions

Academic promotions recognise the achievements of academic staff in:

  • creating knowledge
  • promoting learning
  • providing service and leadership to CSU and the wider community.

Academic staff on levels A to D may apply for promotion to a higher level through our annual academic promotion process. An academic promotion committee will assess applications. The committee comprises representatives from a range of academic disciplines.

The promotion process is governed by:

Key dates

Find out when academic promotion rounds take place.


Learn how you can prepare and apply for promotion.

Supplementary reports and reviews

Find out how to apply for research and teaching reports.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunity in promotions.

Supervisors and mentors

Everything you need to know about supervising and mentoring an applicant for promotion.

Forms, policies and guides

Learn how to help applicants and supervisors through the promotion process.