Academic Staff Qualification Equivalence

Students are entitled to expect that they are being taught by a staff member who is knowledgeable and skilled in the particular field of study at a more advanced level than the level of the course being taught, and that the expertise of the teaching staff has been clearly established through an assessment of formal academic qualifications, equivalent professional experience or a combination of both.

To achieve this we will ensure:

  1. that each academic staff member holds the required level of qualification, or equivalent to:
    • Teach and assess in a coursework subject and/or supervise students’ research in the courses in which the staff member performs these activities,
    • Be appointed on a continuing or fixed-term basis at an academic level, and/or
    • Be promoted to a higher academic level.
  2. external examiners of students’ work submitted for research component subjects hold the required level of qualification or equivalent.

The Qualifications and Expectations Procedure provides a framework for academic qualification requirements and where appropriate for assessment of qualification equivalency:

  • To teach and assess in coursework courses
  • To supervise and examine in levels of higher degree by research courses, and
  • For all academic levels

Qualification Requirements

Teaching and Assessing in Coursework Courses


Supervising and Examining in Levels of Higher Degree by Research Course

Appointing and Promotion to Academic Levels

The process for assessment of qualification equivalence varies depending on the nature of the individual's employment and academic work to be undertaken.

Assessing Qualification Equivalence

Sessional/adjunct employment Staff member of partner organisation delivery a University course or subject

External Examiner of work by Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Academic Appointment (Continuing or Fixed Term Position

Academic Promotion (Continuing or Fixed Term Position