Key Dates

Familiarise yourself with the key dates for the annual Academic Promotion round.

Key dates Description

Start your preparation now

Contact Peer Review Team to discuss  and arrange a summative teaching peer review; more information can be found on the web site Peer Review for Promotion.


1 February - Expressions of interest open for academic promotion

28 February - Last  day to request a Summative Peer Review Report. Contact the Peer Review Team to make a booking


19 April, 3.00 to 4.30 pm - Zoom applicant information session

26 April, 2.30 to 3.30 pm - Zoom supervisor / mentor information session

30 April


8 May - Updates to 2017-2021 research outputs into CRO closed

30 May - forward your application Evaluator recommendation form to your primary supervisor and arrange a meeting to discuss

30 May - 10.30 - 12.00 pm - Q & A session


1 June -  Preliminary assessment outcomes for CRO data sent to applicants for review

20 June -  Last day for applicants to contact Research Services re amendments to CRO assessment outcomes

30 June - Last day for Supervisor to submit Application Evaluator Nomination form - Level BLevel C, D & E to


31 July - Last day to send completed application to supervisor and/or Research Centre Directors.


Where required confirmation of Qualification Equivalence from the Qualification Equivalence Assessment Panel must be received prior to closing date for submission of application for promotion.

24 August - Last day for supervisor/s and research centre directors to return reports to applicants.

31 August - Closing date for submission of applications for academic promotion. Email your completed applications to:

Late applications will not be accepted


Applications for Academic Promotion Considered

Promotions Committee - B to C - 18 - 20 October

Professorial Promotions Committee - C to D and D to E - 25 - 27 October


Successful Promotion Applicants formally announced.


Applicant feedback sessions completed

Academic promotions effective mid-December