Supervisors and mentors

If you're the supervisor or mentor of a staff member applying for academic promotion, you should understand your role in the promotion process.

  • Supervisors

    As an active participant of the academic promotion process, the supervisor's role includes:

    • helping applicants prepare for academic promotion
    • discussing qualification equivalence requirements
    • making the final selection of application evaluators
    • reviewing applications for promotion
    • citing evidence and verifying applicant claims
    • providing discipline context to an applicant’s achievements
    • attesting to an applicant’s readiness for promotion
    • providing discipline specific advice during committee deliberation of an application for promotion
    • providing feedback to promotion applicants.
  • Mentor's role

    Mentoring is a partnership between two people which provides support, help and advice.

    You may be approached directly by an academic promotion applicant or by the academic promotion administrative office, to act as an academic promotion mentor.

    A range of resources is available on the mentors page to support you in the role of mentor.

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  • Information to Assist your Role

    As a supervisor or mentor of an applicant for academic promotion you should familiarise yourself with all information relevant to academic promotion.

    In particular, you should review: