Allowances and acting appointments

Employees may be eligible to receive a higher duties allowance if they complete higher duties or act in a higher level position.

Acting appointments

Employees may be appointed to another position in situations where:

  • the incumbent goes on leave or secondment
  • there's been a resignation or retirement and recruitment is pending
  • the position is new.

If you're a manager, you can appoint an employee to an acting role by completing the:

Higher duties allowance (HDA)

It may be appropriate for a professional/general employee to receive a higher duties allowance (HDA) when they take on responsibilities at a higher level than their ordinary work.

It is not appropriate to pay an HDA pending an application for reclassification as the application may not be successful.

To request payment, complete the higher duties allowance request form.

Personal allowance

Charles Sturt aims to attract, develop and retain high-quality staff. A supervisor may request payment of a responsibility or retention allowance, or a market loading, to a continuing or fixed-term employee.

To request payment, complete the request for payment of an allowance form.