Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of the online form?

    The online form has the following benefit to both supervisors and employees:

    • Simple, clear, easy to use with drop-down menu options
    • Online so supervisors and employees can access anytime, anywhere
    • Section for goal setting for the upcoming performance year
    • Dedicated section for developmental planning for employees for the upcoming year
    • Sections built for employee and supervisor comments throughout the plan
  • Where do I access EDRS Manager?

    EDRS Manager is located on the Division of People and Culture website, along with other useful resources.  The EDRS section can be found under My Employment in the Current Staff portal.

  • How do I use the EDRS Manager system?

    Online tutorials for employees have been created, along with a step-by-step Guide for supervisors and employees. This tutorial and guide are available on the EDRS webpage.

  • Do I still have a meeting with my supervisor?

    Yes. The conversation between an employee and their supervisor is an important part of the EDRS process, and EDRS Manager does not replace it. EDRS is simply a tool to capture information and help facilitate these discussions.

  • Who can see my plans?

    EDRS Manager plans can be viewed by the employee and their upward line management.

  • What are the plan stages?

    Stages 1-3: Pre-approval to Approved

    Stage 1 is Pre-approval, where an employee develops their plan.

    When the employee is ready for the supervisor to review the plan, the employee submits the plan to Stage 2, Ready to Approve.

    Once the EDRS conversation takes place, the employee and supervisor move the plan to Stage 3, Approved. An employee now works on their plan throughout the year.

    Stages 4-5: Ready to Finish to Finished

    When the plan is coming to an end, the employee and supervisor meet to discuss the final plan, which is Stage 4, Ready to Finish.

    Once the final discussion has occurred, the supervisor moves the plan to Stage 5, Finished.

  • What if I have commenced a new role?

    EDRS Manager is updated each week to reflect changes in roles etc.  This information is provided by Ascender.  If you need to change your supervisor, view your plan, then click the "Edit" button to the right of the Setup section.

  • What if I change supervisor during my EDRS period?

    You can change the supervisor of your plan. View your plan, then click the "Edit" button to the right of the Setup section.

    Your plan needs to be at Stages 1 or 3 for you to be able to do this.

  • What if I have two (or more) positions?

    You should make an EDRS plan for each position. When you are creating a new plan, you can choose which of your positions the plan applies to, and the relevant supervisor. If your supervisor does not appear on the list then you can search for your supervisor by clicking Other.

  • How may objectives should I have?

    As many as makes your plan the most useful to you. This tends to be between 3 and 5 work objectives and 3 and 5 development objectives, focusing on the things that are most important.

  • Can I have team objectives?

    When work and development objectives are created, they sit with an individual, and not a position. Your supervisor can assign team objectives, and you can create this new team objective in EDRS Manager.

  • Will I have access to a previous plan?

    When you access EDRS Manager, you will be able to select ‘view my plans’. Every previous plan will appear in the listing.

  • What are development attributes?

    An attribute is defined as a skill, knowledge, ability or behavioural characteristic that is associated at work in various roles. The attributes are drawn from the Charles Sturt capability framework and are designed to help set development objectives.

  • Who can see my self-assessment?

    Only you, and your supervisor can view your self-assessment.  For reporting purposes, upward line management can also view self-assessments.

  • Can I print my plan?

    Yes. When you are looking at your plan overview use the printing facilities that are provided by your browser.

  • Can I save a copy of my plan?

    Yes. To save a copy of your plan, ask your browser to print as a PDF file.