Jury and witness service leave

If you are called as a juror or a witness in an official capacity, you may be eligible for jury and witness service leave.


Fixed-term and continuing staff members are considered to be on duty and receive their normal salary when called:

  • for jury service
  • as a witness by the Crown
  • as a witness as an employee of the University.

There may be instances where you are subpoenaed or called as a witness in a private capacity. In these cases, you may apply for annual leave, long service leave or leave without pay to cover your absence.

Casual staff are not entitled for jury and witness service leave.

Applying for jury and witness service leave

You will need to complete the jury and witness service leave form in our customer service portal.

Proof of attendance

The University requires a Certificate of Attendance. You can get this from the Sheriff’s office at the courthouse on the day.

Money paid by the Court or third party

If you are called in an official capacity or by the Crown, you must pass on any money you receive from the court or by a third party to the University. This excludes meal and travel expenses.

If you are subpoenaed or called as a witness in a private capacity, you may keep any money paid to you.

Repaying money to Charles Sturt

In the event that you need to repay monies to the University, please email Revenue Services at revenue@csu.edu.au quoting the following details:

  • Your employee ID
  • Payment advice from the court or third party detailing the amount paid
  • Cash or a cheque for the amount paid
  • Detail code FMFI (finance code for Jury Duty).

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or Leave Manual, the terms of the Agreement or Policy will prevail.