Long service leave

Long service leave recognises your continuous service at the University. It's a chance for you to rest and relax.


Full-time staff

Full-time staff members with 10 years of Charles Sturt service are entitled to 43.5 working days of leave on full pay. After you've completed 10 years service, you'll accrue 10.75 working days of long service leave each year.

Part-time staff

Part-time staff accrue long service leave on a pro rata basis.

Casual staff

Casual staff who meet the continuous service requirement have been entitled to long service leave since:

  • Enterprise Agreement 26 October 2000 for academic staff
  • Enterprise Agreement 22 November 2005 for professional/general staff.

Refer to the casual long service leave page for more information.

Applying for long service leave

You can apply for long service leave using Web Kiosk. Part-time staff without a set roster need to apply using the long service leave form in our customer service portal.

Prior service

If you start at Charles Sturt within two months of leaving your former institution, the University may recognise:

  • paid full-time or part-time service at any former corporate College of Advanced Education in New South Wales
  • continuous paid full-time or part-time service with other Australian universities.

If your previous service with another Australian university is recognised, you'll need to serve at least three years with Charles Sturt before you can take long service leave.

Previous service with Charles Sturt or its predecessor institutions may also count for accruing long service leave.

Minimum period

The minimum amount of long service leave you can take is five working days.

Giving notice

You need to give at least one month's notice when you apply for long service leave. Approval will depend on operational needs.

If you give six months' notice, you'll be able to choose when you take long service leave. You must still complete an application.

We encourage you to discuss your leave plans with your supervisor before applying for long service leave.

Declined application

The University may decline an academic staff member's application if it is for less than 30 working days in a critical teaching period.

Critical teaching periods include the first four weeks of the teaching session, and the four weeks leading to approval of grades for the teaching session. It applies to employees who are teaching that session.

Direction to take long service leave

If you've accumulated more than six months of long service leave, we may direct you to take at least six weeks of your leave.

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or Leave Manual, the terms of the Agreement or Policy will prevail.