Personal leave

You can use personal leave when you're ill or if a member of your immediate family or household requires care due to illness.

About personal leave

Provided you have leave available, you may take personal leave when:

  • you are ill
  • a member of your immediate family or household is ill

General childcare

You cannot use personal leave for general childcare. If your child is well and you need to stay home to look after them, you must take another form of leave.

Immediate family

Immediate family is defined as your:

  • spouse or former spouse
  • de facto spouse or former de facto spouse (de facto spouse includes same-sex, transgender, intersex and heterosexual partnerships)
  • child or adult child (including their adopted child, step child, ex-nuptial child or foster child)
  • parent
  • brother
  • sister
  • grandparent
  • grandchild
  • mother-in-law
  • father-in-law
  • brother-in-law
  • sister-in-law.

The University may consider other kinship and family networks on a case by case basis, including persons for whom you have significant carer responsibilities.


  • Full-time employees are entitled to 15 days of personal leave per calendar year. If your employment began after 1 January of the current calendar year, your personal leave entitlement for the year will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  • Part-time employees will receive personal leave on a pro-rata basis.
  • Casual staff are not entitled to personal leave.

Applying for personal leave

You can book your personal leave through Web Kiosk. Part-time staff without a set roster need to apply using the personal leave form in our customer service portal.

What to do when you're sick

If you're sick or need to care for a member of your immediate family who is ill, you must let your supervisor know at the earliest opportunity.

Medical certificates

If you take more than three consecutive days of personal leave, you must provide a medical certificate indicating the nature of the illness affecting you, your family member or household member.

The medical certificate should cover the entire duration of the leave period. You should not return to work before the final date on the certificate.

Leave balances and accrual

Checking your balance

You can view your personal leave balance on Web Kiosk by going to My Leave > Leave Balances.

Select an enquiry date and click Calculate Balances to see your entitlement.

Unused personal leave

Personal leave is fully cumulative. Any unused balance will carry across to the following year.

Exceeding your entitlement

If you've exceeded your personal leave entitlement, you may apply for other available forms of leave. You may also proceed on personal leave without pay.

Personal leave without pay and leave accruals

Personal leave without pay counts as service for the accrual of:

  • annual leave
  • long service leave
  • further personal leave with pay.

Personal leave while on annual or long service leave

If you are ill while on annual or long service leave, you may apply for personal leave to cover the period of illness. You can then have your annual leave or long service leave re-credited.

To be eligible to have leave re-credited you must provide a supporting medical certificate for a period of at least five consecutive days.

Leaving Charles Sturt

Personal leave is not paid out when you leave Charles Sturt.

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or Leave Manual, the terms of the Agreement or Policy will prevail.