Purchased leave

We're committed to helping staff achieve better work/life balance. As a Charles Sturt employee, you may be eligible to purchase up to four weeks of leave on top of your annual leave entitlements. This leave will be funded through fortnightly salary deductions.


To be eligible for purchased leave, at the date of your application you must have:

  • completed six months' service with Charles Sturt
  • an annual leave balance of less than 20 days
  • a long service leave balance of less than three months
  • continuing employment or at least 18 months remaining on your fixed-term appointment
  • an existing purchased leave balance of nil.

Applying to purchase leave

You'll need to complete the purchased leave application form in our customer service portal, and forward to your supervisor for approval.

You must submit the completed form to Employee Services at least six weeks before you want salary deductions to start. However, it is good practice to discuss your options and plans with your supervisor as early as possible.

We'll consider your application subject to operational requirements. We will also consider the National Employment Standards when you apply to purchase leave.

Amount of purchased leave

You may apply to purchase leave of either:

  • one week
  • two weeks
  • four weeks.

This leave is in addition to your normal annual leave entitlement.

Effect on salary

Salary deductions will be made before tax, over a 12 month period. You can use the calculator on the Division of Finance website to estimate your net salary.

Number of weeks purchasedDeducted over 12 months
Four weeks additional leave 8.0769% per fortnight
Two weeks additional leave 4.0385% per fortnight
One week additional leave 2.01925% per fortnight

Salary deductions will start in the first pay period after the purchased leave begins to accrue.

Please note: There will always be a gap between salary deduction periods if you're applying for a subsequent period of purchased leave. This is so the Division of Finance can reconcile your salary and deductions after each purchased leave arrangement (i.e. once salary deductions have finished and all purchased leave has been taken).

Effect on leave entitlements

Your annual, personal, special and long service leave will keep accruing at the normal salary rate.

Your purchased leave deductions will continue when you take leave during the arrangement, with the exception of leave without pay.

Professional/general staff applying for purchased leave should keep their flexi-time credits below 16 hours in each accounting period.

Effect on superannuation

Purchasing leave will have no effect on your superannuation. We'll maintain our employer contribution at the normal salary rate, and your employee contributions will stay at the normal salary rate.

Effect on service fraction

Purchasing leave has no effect on your service fraction.


Purchased leave accrues daily, starting when your salary deductions commence. Purchased leave won't accrue during periods of leave without pay.

Applying to take purchased leave

You can book your purchased leave through Web Kiosk. Part-time staff without a set roster need to apply using the purchased leave form.

You can take purchased leave as it accrues, with your supervisor's approval. You can take a minimum of one day's leave, and you must use all purchased leave within three months of the final salary deduction.

You must have taken all of your purchased leave before making another application for purchased leave.

Reconciling leave

When your purchased leave agreement ceases, we will conduct a reconciliation to make sure the deductions were equal to the value of the leave you took.

If the reconciliation results in a difference between the amount deducted and the value of the leave taken, you'll either:

  • make additional payments to address any deficit
  • receive reimbursement for any credit.

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or Leave Manual, the terms of the Agreement or Policy will prevail.