Leaving the University

If you decide to move on from Charles Sturt, this is where you'll find information about the relevant notice periods and tasks you need to complete. You can also find transition options if you are looking to retire.

Notice period

The period of notice required to be given by a staff member is based on the period of continuous service at the end of the day the notice is given.

For academic staff, the effective date of a resignation normally takes effect at the end of a teaching session.

Period of continuous servicePeriod of notice
Not more than 1 year1 week
More than 1 year but not more than 3 years2 weeks
More than 3 years but not more than 5 years3 weeks
More than 5 years4 weeks

Note: An employee and the University may agree on a shorter notice period.

If you're resigning

Employee's responsibilities

  1. Discuss your intention to resign with your supervisor.
  2. Complete the Notification of Exit Form.
    This form is available via our customer service portal.  In the All forms section, select Notification of exit.
  3. With your supervisor, complete the Employee Exits: Checklist for Supervisors.
  4. Employee Services will notify you when your exit has been accepted. Follow the steps they provide to finalise employment, salary and superannuation entitlements and benefits.
  5. Complete the Charles Sturt Exit Survey. You will receive an email with a link to the online survey. If you don't receive the link within your last week, please contact Employee Services.
  6. If you wish to arrange an exit interview, please contact your Business Partner.

Supervisor's responsibilities

  1. Send the approved Notification of Exit Form to Employee Services as soon as possible.
  2. Complete the Employee Exits: Checklist for Supervisors.

If you're retiring

Retirement planning is an important part of your career management strategy and Charles Sturt offers many transition to retirement options. Although compulsory retirement has been abolished, you still need to plan for your eventual separation from the University.