Professional development

Our commitment is to provide professional development support, the opportunity to enhance your skill set, and the ability to develop your career path at Charles Sturt University.

Provide us with feedback to help improve what's offered.

Podcasts/Ted talks/Reading Lists

Unlock your potential with these suggested podcasts, readings and Ted talks.

Finance at Charles Sturt

Assistance with a diverse range of software packages or systems as part of your work here at Charles Sturt.

View/search all training/programs

Available programs and workshops.

Online learning

Customised learning modules mapped to our capability framework, such as LinkedIn, available wherever and whenever you are.

Leading through change

Successful change drives better results. Tools and resources are available to help you apply good change and develop your change capability.

Refresher and mandatory compliance

Mandatory and refresher compliance training for all staff.

External training providers

Enhance your expertise through these external training providers.

University training calendars

You can access more professional development opportunities in the Research, DLT, DIT and DSA calendars.

Unconscious bias and inclusivity training

Training is available to assist staff in learning strategies and increasing their awareness.

Leadership programs

We offer various leadership programs to emerging and existing leaders.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and/or mentoring is available to enhance your personal career path.

  • Short Courses at Charles Sturt


    Bite-sized Study

    Industry-aligned micro-subjects to complete the required skill set for the job at hand. Add subjects as needed, stack together to complete a customised degree.