Capability framework & Values in action

  • Culture road map

      It is important to acknowledge that we don’t develop capability in isolation. The way we live our values, accepted norms and habits in our teams, plus our ability to deliver outcomes, will all influence the culture we have.

      Our desired culture is one that reflects our ethos Yindyamarra Winhanganha, "Creating a world worth living in", and our values by striving for equity and diversity in all that we do.

  • Understanding the framework

    The Charles Sturt University Capability Framework is a key foundation for our people and culture strategies. It is made up of strategic capabilities that help us set expectations for ourselves and each other around desired skills and behaviours for leaders, teams and individuals. The examples of how we do and don't  behave can help guide daily interactions with each other, our students, stakeholders and communities, enabling better collaboration and understanding.

  • Values in action

      Value statements influence behaviour, enable decisions and create boundaries. The Charles Sturt Values in Action is a companion guide to the Capability Framework and helps managers and teams define behaviours that support our values-based culture.

      We can clarify and "make real" what living our values involves by asking the following questions:

      • What behaviours matter most to me?
      • What matters most to us as a team?
      • How do we want to be known by others?

      Impactful - Outcome Driven Insightful - Understanding people and the world

      Inclusive - Stronger together Inspiring - Leading for the future

Refer to Appendix One in the Charles Sturt Capability Framework to see how the values map to the capabilities.