People Leaders and Specialists

Getting Results

Service Focused

Strive to meet needs and exceed expectations of our students, communities stakeholders and colleagues.

Business Savvy

Continually look to add value in our roles, processes, and ways of working.


With creativity at our core, be open to new ideas and seek to find better ways.

Take Ownership

Live our Values

Uphold the Charles Sturt University values daily in our behaviours and interaction with others

Take Action

Weigh up our risks and make prompt decisions, backing ourselves and others.

Adapt to Change

Explore the reasons for change and be open to accepting new ideas and initiatives

Collaborate with Others


Bring people together and build relationships that deliver desired benefits and outcomes.

Listen Closely

Dig deep to understand others, using self-insight to build team spirit and recognise efforts.


Create compelling arguments to persuade others and promote ideas that add strategic value.