Salary and conditions

As a CSU employee, you should understand your salary and employment conditions, including:

  • increments
  • job classification
  • enterprise bargaining
  • flexible work arrangements
  • set rosters.

Flexible work arrangements

CSU is committed to providing a flexible and supportive work environment. We aim to help you balance your work and life commitments, while meeting the operational needs of the University. You can access a range of flexible options, including flexible working hours.

Enterprise agreement

See the current CSU Enterprise Agreement and updates for the current round of enterprise bargaining.

Salaries and increments

Your salary is based on the current CSU Enterprise Agreement rates. Depending on your appointment, you may be eligible for incremental salary increases.

Set roster employees

CSU has a number of employees who work on a set roster. Learn about the hours, shifts and penalties related to a set roster arrangement.

Job classification process

Professional/general position classifications can be on application.  There are two application rounds per year.