Workplace flexibility

Charles Sturt is committed to providing a flexible and supportive work environment that helps staff to balance their work and life responsibilities while meeting the operational needs of the University. On-campus operations are integral to the University and support the interaction, collaboration, and campus vibrancy inherent in our culture and high-performing teams.

Our guiding principles around staff flexibility are:

  1. Arranging our presence in the office around the needs of our students and the University Strategy.
  2. Teams need to determine best arrangements based on business needs.
  3. Flexibility includes where / when you work and what you do to best achieve your goals.
  4. Employees are measured on output and impact.
  5. Arrangements can be reviewed periodically.
  6. We trust employees to work in support of company interests.

Hybrid and remote work

Hybrid working arrangements are available to staff (where roles permit) and includes a combination of primarily working on-campus, and working from home up to 40% of time.

Remote working arrangements greater than 40% of time may also be available as a staff flexibility arrangement under approved circumstances.

Flexible working hours scheme

The flexible working hours scheme aims to establish hours that are beneficial for both you and the University. The scheme is available to professional/general staff at Level 1 to 8.

Purchased leave

You can apply to purchase one, two or four weeks leave in addition to your other leave entitlements. We'll take deductions from your salary over a 12-month period to fund the extra leave.

Special leave

You can use special leave for a limited range of family emergencies.

Personal leave

You can take personal leave to care for or support a member of your immediate family or household who is ill.

Leave without pay

You can take leave without pay for various reasons, including fulfilling family and parental responsibilities. You may be able to take leave without pay without taking other forms of paid leave first.

Change of fraction

You may apply to reduce your work fraction for a period of time in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement. At the end of the period you'll resume your substantive position.

Transition to retirement

You may ask to work on a fractional basis for a fixed term up to 3 years before you retire.

Hours of work

You may apply to vary your hours of work for a period of time in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement. This could includes changes to start/finish/break times or compressed work week hours.