Flexible working hours

If you're eligible and have your supervisor's approval, you may accumulate time off for extra hours you work. This is known as 'flexi-time'. You may also be able to work flexible hours, depending on the needs of your work area.


The flexible working hours scheme applies to professional/general staff at levels 1-8. From month to month, these staff can carry forward up to 14 hours to credit or debit. This entitlement is pro-rata for part-time employees.

It does not apply to:

  • academic staff
  • professional/general staff engaged on shiftwork or set rosters
  • employees working in a Charles Sturt child care centre
  • professional/general staff at level 9 and above (including staff on higher duties allowances)
  • employees who, because of operational requirements, have their ordinary hours of work set by the Delegated Officer of their work unit.

The ordinary hours of work for employees under this scheme are between 7.00am and 7.00pm.

Full-time employees are expected to be at work during the core hours of 9.30am–3.00pm unless specific mutually agreed arrangements are in place within the work area.


You can accrue and take flexi-time subject to the operational needs of the University. Flexi-time may not be available where fixed hours are needed to meet student or client requirements.

You can take your accumulated flexi-time hours at a time convenient to both the staff member and their work area and this can be booked through Web Kiosk.

Recording hours

You can record a maximum of 10 hours per day on a flexi-time sheet.

Ordinary hours on a weekend

Where your normal day of work includes a weekend, hours are calculated at the following rates:

  • hours x 1.5 for Saturday
  • hours x 1.75 for Sunday.

Travel time

All travel time is recorded as ordinary hours. It does not count towards the payment of overtime or penalty rates.


On your flexi-time sheet, if you're a full-time staff member taking another form of leave, such as annual, personal or long service leave, an entire day is recorded as seven hours.

When taking flexi-time, you should record an entire day as zero hours, or reduced hours for part flexi days.

Meal break

Staff should not work more than five hours without an unpaid meal break. The minimum break is 30 minutes per day.


Staff working approved overtime should record their hours on a professional/general timesheet. The relevant overtime provisions apply, as outlined in the CSU Enterprise Agreement.

Payment of excessive hours

You may be able to have your hours paid out if your balance reaches 35 hours and you're unable to take this as flexi-time. You'll be paid at the ordinary hourly rate that applies when the payout is approved. Your balance will return to zero.

To request payment, provide the following documentation to Employee Services at dpc@csu.edu.au:

  • previous four flexi-time sheets
  • approval email from your supervisor (band 5 or above).

Leaving Charles Sturt

When you nominate an exit date, make sure you allow enough time to take your accrued flexi-time. If it's not possible for you to take the approved flexi-time, the accumulated credit of hours (minimum of seven hours) will be paid out upon request.

Transferring to another position

Movement within the same section or division is not considered a change of work unit. In this instance, flexi-time would not be paid out.

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or relevant Policy/Procedure/Guidelines, the terms of the Agreement or Policy/Procedure/Guidelines will prevail.