Job classification process

​The professional/general staff job classification process conducted by the University is in accordance with clause 23 of the Enterprise Agreement.​


Job evaluation

Job evaluation is a systematic process for assessing job content and requirements to determine a position’s contribution and value to an organisation, relative to other internal positions.

Job classification

Job classification is the process of determining an appropriate classification level for a position, based on its assessed work value within the organisational structure.

Principles of reclassifications

  • The University shall classify positions in accordance with the provisions in the current Charles Sturt University Enterprise Agreement.
  • The key principle underlying job evaluation and classification is equal pay for work of equal value.
  • Job classification is aimed at establishing and maintaining internal position relativities, not a comparison with positions outside the University.
  • Job evaluation measures job content and requirements, not an individual’s performance, effort, abilities or workload.
  • Reclassification facilitators will be appointed from a range of areas on each major campus of the University and trained so that they can assist employees and supervisors with advice about preparing an application for reclassification.
  • A Job Classification Advisory Committee, trained in job evaluation, shall evaluate and make recommendations on the classification level of occupied professional/general staff positions that have been referred to it because of significant change in job content or requirements.
  • The recommendations of the Job Classification Advisory Committee on the classification of a position or the decision of the University on the recommendations of the committee shall be final, and not subject to internal appeal or further review.
  • A position’s classification will not ordinarily be reviewed within 12 months of its last review unless a significant restructure of the work area has taken place.

Process and instructions

You can find more information about position classification using the links below and from What's New notices during the application period.

Applying for a reclassification

Applications for Position Classification Review should only be lodged after agreement from the relevant supervisor that the duties and responsibilities of a position have changed significantly.


Job holders and/or their supervisors are encouraged to contact a trained reclassification facilitator for feedback on their draft application before submission.

Kim 6933 2896
Patrick 6933 4763
Rachel 6933 4335
Vanessa 6933 4219

Application rounds

There will be an application round for reviewing the classification of occupied positions that have changed significantly over the last 12 or more months.

  • Applications for 2022 Round 2 opens Monday, 8 August 2022 and closes 5:00pm Monday, 5 September 2022.

Future dates will be advertised on What's New at the time.

Application form

Once you've read and understood the information above, you can complete the application form for a reclassification.