Casual academic staff

Salary rates for casual academic (sessional) staff are set under the current Charles Sturt University Enterprise Agreement.

Scheduled increases

Per the Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 (Variation 2022), there are no further scheduled increases.

Salary rates effective 22 July 2022

Please note:

  • The below rates do not include superannuation or oncosts
  • Continuing and fixed-term salary rates can be found on the academic staff web page.
DescriptionCode(s) Per Unit
Standard MarkingAX15048.62
Standard Marking (Qual)AX155 / MX155 / CX15558.02
Significant Marking AX16067.90
Significant Marking (Qual)AX165 / MX165 / CX16567.90
Other Acad ActivityAX17048.62
Other Acad Activity (Qual)AX175 / MX175 / CX17558.02
Other Specialised Academic ActivityAX18072.94
Other Specialised Academic Activity (Qual)AX185 / MX185 / CX18587.03
Repeat TutorialAX19097.25
Repeat Tutorial (Qual)AX195 / MX195 / CX195116.05
Tutorial AX200145.88
Tutorial (Qual)AX205 / MX205 / CX205174.06
Repeat LectureAX230135.80
Basic LectureAX240203.70
Developed LectureAX250271.60
Specialist LectureAX260339.51
Clinical Educator (Min)AX27472.94
Clinical Educator (Max)AX27897.25
Clinical Educator (Min-Qual)AX284 / MX284 / CX28487.03
Clinical Educator (Max-Qual)AX288 / MX288 / CX288116.05
Accompanist (Qual)AX295 / MX295 / CX295116.05

In the event of any discrepancy between the rates on this website and the rates in the Enterprise Agreement, the rates in the Agreement will prevail.