Manager's Hotline

The Managers' Hotline is a confidential, telephone-based coaching and support service offered by LifeWorks. Managers can access 30 minute coaching sessions with an independent specialist who can assist in managing work-related issues in their team, conflict, or difficult discussions.

The hotline is resourced by senior consultants who have extensive experience in people and broader organisational issues. The Managers Hotline can coach and support you with:

  • managing highly distressed employees
  • assisting staff to cope with change
  • managing challenging interpersonal and team dynamics
  • managing the impact of mental illness in the workplace
  • responding to employee grief and trauma.

To access the Hotline, call:

1300 361 008

Manager's Hotline sessions do not affect the number of individual EAP sessions available to the manager.


LifeWorks supports equal opportunity with specialised and experienced counselors available. You are welcome to request a counselor with a background or experience in specialised EEO areas including LGBTIQA+, Indigenous, Family Violence, and Accessibility.

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