Working well from home

Working from home is becoming more common as we self-isolate against COVID-19.  This mandated change may cause you to feel disorientated and unsettled, especially if you are not accustomed to working from home.

Below are some resources to support you in adjusting to working from home in this time of uncertainty.

  • Working from home technology set up

    As most staff have now moved off campus to work from home, you are no longer required to report your working from home arrangements via an incident report.  Please complete the ‘Working From Home Checklist’ in the Working Safely from Home Guidelines.

    Your personal laptop or Charles Sturt managed laptop can be used to access the technological infrastructure you need to work from home. To set up your home work space please refer to the Guide to Working from Home. For assistance, please refer to the Remote Access - Working from Home webpage.

    Where possible, use web browsers for online meetings and not the phone dial-in as tests have indicated we are overloading our available phone lines.

    If you have questions visit the IT services webpage.

  • Introduction to working remotely

    Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider LifeWorks, have a pre-recorded Introduction to Working Remotely webinar available for you to access on demand.  This is a 20 minute webinar presented by one of LifeWork's leadership development consultants and includes information on:

    • Setting boundaries between your work and personal life
    • Understanding how to manage yourself when working remotely
    • Developing effective communication strategies for virtual teaming and networking
  • Self-care

    Self-care relates to activities that add value to all aspects of your life that cater to your holistic well being.

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  • LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn Learning is an online subscription library that teaches the latest business, creative and software skills through high-quality instructional videos. The Charles Sturt LinkedIn Learning portal offers a customised learning environment that is mapped to the University's Capability Framework and contains a large number of resources available for staff to access for free.

    We have developed new collections that can benefit you during this time.


    Continuous Improvement - Growth Mindset

    Creativity Bootcamp (Course)
    Cultivating a Growth Mindset (Course)
    The power of a growth mindset (Video)
    Adopting a growth mindset (Video) Creating a Culture of Learning (Course)
    Lifelong learning is the new norm (Video)
    The New Rules of Work (Course)
    #1: Become a lifelong learner (Video)
    Why there are new rules of work, learning and life (Video)

    To sign up to LinkedIn learning, refer to the LinkedIn Learning Webpage.

    For all enquiries, please contact

  • Professional Development

    Our commitment is to provide professional development support, the opportunity to enhance your skill set, and the ability to develop your career path at Charles Sturt University.

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  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Our EAP provider LifeWorks, have a team of Connect Telehealth clinicians who offer a professional and confidential counselling service via telephone or video, to support you and your loved ones during this time. This can be just as effective as face to face support; clinicians are experienced and know how to make you feel comfortable in a virtual setting.

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For Managers

  • Managing your team remotely

    As a leader, having the right mindset, structure and strategies to enhance communication and build team cohesion will help you ensure your team successfully navigates working remotely during this time of disruption and uncertainty.

    Now’s The Time To Over-Communicate

    Communication can’t easily happen as spontaneously as it does when people are sitting next to each other at work. Heightened communication at this time is necessary, not only to keep your remote team productively focused, but because the sudden move from the workplace to a home space can take an emotional toll on people when they no longer have the social contact with work friends and colleagues.

    Hold a Team Reset Meeting

    A team reset meeting will ensure team members take time to identify how to best work together in this new reality so that the team can maintain a sense of community, transition through this change effectively, and maintain team performance during this time while supporting the well-being of team members.

    Establish Regular Morning Team Check-Ins

    These morning check-ins, no matter how short are invaluable for maintaining a sense of community, checking in on how team members are doing, and to stay focused on key priorities so that momentum and performance is maintained.

    Take Virtual Coffee Breaks

    Establish virtual coffee chats with individual team members. It can be scheduled ahead of time or impromptu, just like you might invite a team member to grab a coffee with you while walking by their desk. Use virtual coffee breaks to:

    • Have regular check ins with individual team members.
    • Just to say hi and check how they are doing. Ensure that everyone gets that attention. Some leaders consistently interact with those they most easily connect with but may not as readily think of others.
    • Discuss and ask specific questions about work related items such as what they are working on, what they have accomplished in x amount of time, whether they have any challenges and if so how you can help.

    Make Communication Personal

    Limit e-mail, instead use real-time, in person communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, etc., or even the old fashioned phone.

    Adapted from:

    For more information and tips, Gartner is offering a free webinar on Managing Virtual Teams.

  • Leading teams through Change

    As leaders, your team may require additional support during this period of change to current working practices. Change resources that help prepare leaders and support staff through change are available on the successful change webpages.

    Below are some planning tools to assist you in navigating immediate changes.

    ADKAR in 5 Minutes

    The ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement) Model is still the fastest and simplest way to plan a change, even when the change requires high levels of flexibility and agility. It supports people through change with a structured approach, assisting in identifying where people or groups are on their ADKAR journey and helping to prioritise where we put our efforts. It can be used with individuals or groups and is helpful in developing the best next steps.

    You may find the group coaching template and individual coaching template useful for quick planning.

    Learn More

    5P’s as a planning tool

    A 5Ps document provides an overview of a project or initiative. It identifies the people who will be impacted, the nature of the change and intended benefits, and the outcomes of the initiative. It can be used as a simple ten-minute planning tool in working with teams. Sample questions are within the document to assist you.

    What is changing?

    This activity is a simple planning tool to work through what is and what isn’t changing. You can explore this as an individual or use this within a team. It uses 10 common job aspects that may need to be done in a different way. It may assist people in transitioning through change (e.g. working from home), and to ensure everyone has an understanding of the change impacts for their roles. You may use this with ADKAR to arrive at targeted, actionable steps quickly.

    LinkedIn Learning

    We have a number of LinkedIn Learning courses on Change, Building Resilience and Growth Mindset that are available to support staff through change.

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    How can we apply our Change Framework when things are moving so quickly?

    As leaders we can apply the principles of the Change Framework to handle change as well as we can in the environment we are in.

    ADKAR is a simple model that we can use to guide our decision making in working with our teams.

    The Change Team is available to undertake coaching clinics with leaders and teams.

    For assistance with our tools and resources, or advice on how to manage your change, please contact the Change Team.

  • Manager's hotline

    The Managers' Hotline is a further resource offered by LifeWorks. Managers can access a 30 minute coaching session with an independent specialist who can assist in managing with work related issues in their team, conflict, or difficult discussions. To access the hotline, call:

    1300 361 008

    These manager coaching sessions do not affect the number of individual EAP sessions available to the manager.

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