Hiring continuing and fixed-term staff

The Division of People and Culture works in partnership with Faculties and Divisions to support recruitment and selection.

Policies, strategies and plans for recruitment

Position descriptions

Staff should refer to the guide to reviewing position descriptions to help inform them when they are developing new or reviewing existing position descriptions.

Download the position description template

Referee checks

The referee check is an essential component of the selection process. It allows you to assess whether the candidate is a suitable fit for Charles Sturt. It provides insight into a candidate’s previous work performance whilst validating evidence gathered during the application and interview process. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to seek additional relevant information not captured during the application or interview.

The following forms should be used when completing referee checks;

Immigration and visas

All foreign nationals taking up an appointment, or visiting one of the University's campuses in Australia require immigration visas.

Relocating to join Charles Sturt

When a vacancy is filled the hiring area may offer relocation services for staff taking up the new appointment.