Visiting and adjunct

Visiting and adjunct (VA) staff are a vital part of our CSU workforce. Although unpaid, they're expected to have equivalent qualifications, teaching experience and research outcomes as those in paid positions at the same level.

Making an appointment

Before you appoint someone in a visiting or adjunct position, make sure you understand:

  • the difference between a visiting and adjunct appointment
  • the entitlements
  • administrative arrangements
  • the visa requirements for international visitors
  • induction processes.


When someone takes up a VA appointment, they'll be known as staff. They may also be granted access to staff privileges such as:

  • access to the University's library
  • IT services
  • a CSU card.

When the person accepts their appointment, they'll be allocated a staff number and relevant privileges. Library and IT services may attract costs, which will be charged to the nominated funding source or budget.

Policy and procedure

When making appointments, please refer to the:

Visiting appointments

Visiting appointments are for people who visit CSU for a specified period to participate in educational, research or collaborative programs.

Adjunct appointments

Adjunct staff can be people who have been recognised for their contribution to CSU, are employed by CSU partners, or have resigned or retired from the academic staff of CSU.

Staff of partner organisations

Find out how to induct staff from partner organisations into CSU. This includes NSW Police and Theological Colleges.