Staff of partner organisations

These steps will guide you in the induction of staff from partner organisations into CSU. This includes NSW Police and theological colleges.


Partners are generally responsible for the induction of their staff to CSU. As part of this induction, CSU will cover:

  • CSU academic policies and procedures
  • CSU administrative procedures
  • Student service requirements.

Each Faculty or Division will develop strategies to address the induction and development needs that are specific to the agreements it has in place with its partner organisations.

The staff of partner organisations are expected to complete the University's online orientation module in ELMO.

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Compliance and ethical requirements

It is the responsibility of CSU partners to ensure their staff comply with their own legal obligations whilst they are employed at CSU. Examples include:

  • Workplace Health Safety
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Privacy.

When planning an induction, CSU should focus on what the partner organisation must do to meet our obligations.

The Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships is to ensure that all new agreements contain the following standard inclusions:

  • Schedule of Protection of Student Privacy
  • Responsibilities of the Service Provider, covering their compliance and ethical responsibilities.

Performance requirements

Each Faculty or Division will ensure the partner organisation receives clear expectations of the role they are undertaking for CSU. The Faculty or Division will decide how this information is sent.

This information will include:

  1. CSU administrative arrangements associated with student academic procedures
  2. CSU academic policies relevant to the teaching of students
    1. Assessment Principles
    2. Exclusion Regulations
    3. Examination Regulations
    4. Teaching & Learning Regulations
    5. Intellectual Property
  3. CSU Application and Enrolment Procedures
  4. CSU Admission Procedures.

Induction for specific tasks

The Faculty, School or Division will:

  • provide specific information regarding the arrangements for teaching the subjects and/or courses specified in the agreement with the partner organisation
  • provide support to develop knowledge of work to be undertaken (as specified in the Role and Responsibilities of Academic Subject Coordinator)
  • Schools may choose to direct partner staff new to academic work to complete the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. This resource has been designed for new academic staff and relates specifically to skill development in learning and teaching.


Each Faculty will determine its own arrangements for monitoring the induction commitments made to partner organisation within the relevant agreement. This will include the support provided by the academic subject coordinator to assist the partner organisation to develop their staff to meet the expectations relevant to the role they are undertaking on behalf of the University.