Safe you at CSU

WHS Management System

Our workplace management system is designed to help you work safely.

Manage WHS risks

WHS risk management at Charles Sturt is everyone's responsibility.

Manage incidents and hazards

Learn more about reporting incidents and hazards in the workplace.

Safety Training

All staff must complete relevant online safety training and local job-specific training to make sure they stay safe at work.

Hazardous manual tasks

Learn how to identify, assess and control manual handling risks. Use ergonomic principles to adapt the work environment to your requirements.

Thermal comfort

Find out how to manage hot or cold workplace conditions.


Consultations allow you to have your say on work health and safety matters.

First Aid

We provide first aid services on all Charles Sturt campuses.

Workers compensation

Staff members injured at work may be entitled to workers compensation.

Subject Zero - Teaching zero tolerance to every student

We want our University to be a place of safety and respect.

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