Health and Safety Representatives

Find out about Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), including the nominations process.

About HSRs

The position of HSR is defined in the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011 and such the roles and functions of the position are detailed in the WHS legislation. In summary, a HSR is a worker who has been elect ed to the role of representing other workers in a Designated Work Group (DWG) regarding health and safety matters in their workplace. An HSR has broad workplace safety powers relating to:

  • represent workers
  • monitor the workplace
  • investigate safety complaints.

For more information please see the HSR Statement of Duties or WHS Act 2011.

Designated Work Groups (DWG)

A Designated Work Group (DWG) is a negotiated and agreed grouping of workers who share similar workplace health and safety risks and/or conditions. It may be made up of workers in one or more workplaces operated by a single employer or workers of multiple employers at one or more workplaces. There can be more than one DWG in a workplace.

A DWG is established to form the 'electorate' that may elect health and safety representatives (HSRs). The HSR is a person who has been elected by the workers in his or her DWG to represent the DWG on occupational health and safety (OHS) issues.

Current DWGs

Five Designated Work Groups (DWGs) have been determined for CSU workplaces. These are detailed in the Summary of DWGs and HSRs at CSU document.

View the DWG and HSR summary

Nominating as a HSR

Before nominating as an HSR (or Deputy HSR), you should:

  1. review the HSR Statement of Duties do current to ensure you are familiar with the role“s functions and believe that you can effectively and competently undertake these functions.
  2. determine the DWG to which you belong by following the steps above.
  3. determine which position you“d like to nominate for, noting that some DWGs have both HSR and Deputy HSR positions.
  4. Using the HSR Nomination Form, indicate:
    1. the position you would like to nominate for
    2. the DWG and campus that you belong to (you can only nominate to be an HSR for your DWG).
  5. Forward your completed nomination form to

Successful nominations

After nominations have closed, all nominations received will be collated according to DWG.

If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of available positions, the nominated person(s) will be appointed unopposed.

If a greater number of nominations are received than there are positions, the HSR(s)will be elected
via a ballot of workers in that DWG. All workers from the DWG will be eligible to vote in this ballot.

Successful nominees will be notified by the Division of People and Culture.

Support for HSRs

All HSRs will receive WorkCover accredited HSR Training prior to commencing in the role.