Risk assessments

A risk assessment helps you:

  • identify all hazards related to an activity or task
  • assess the risks these hazards are to the health of everyone in the workplace
  • control the risk by removing or reducing it to safe levels
  • review how effective the controls are

Risk assessments

Controlling risk

You can remove or reduce risk to people in the workplace by using the Hierarchy of Control (listed in order of effectiveness):

  1. Eliminate the hazard
  2. Substitute the hazard for something less hazardous
  3. Isolate the hazard from people
  4. Engineer a safer way to work with the hazard
  5. Implement administrative requirements such as training, supervision and instructions (SOPs)
  6. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Risk assessment templates

Below are some templates you may find helpful.

Your work unit may also have specific Risk Assessment procedures and supporting information.

Standard risk assessment template

Use this template for standard risk assessments.

Event risk assessment template

Use this template to complete risk assessments for events/functions.

Fieldwork risk assessment form

Complete this form when you do fieldwork risk assessment.

Risk Assessment Matrix

Use this matrix to assess the severity and likelihood of hazards.

Safe work method statement (SWMS) template

Use this template when reviewing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or when a risk assessment needs a SWMS.

Manual task risk assessment form

Use this form to assess the risk involved with a manual task.